The ProVent HMI Touch Screen Control is the latest advancement in dust collector technology.  The HMI allows for real-time visual monitoring of the dust collector systems.  There are several advantages that can be gained by this technology.

  • Ultrasonic Water Level Control
  1. Provides precise control of the water level increasing efficiency.
  2. Stable airflow
  • Low Voltage Components
  1. All components such as solenoid valves, temperature sensors, airflow monitors can be operated at 24V
  2. Increased safety
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  1. Continuously monitors pressure consumed by the dust collector to create the most efficient wet dust collector on the market
  2. Self adjusts to after-filter loading to maintain efficiency and airflow.


  • REMOTE HMI – Provides a second HMI control to be placed remotely from the dust collector for applications where the dust collector is not conveniently located near the process.
  •  POWER DRAIN/CLEAN/REFIL – Automatically drain, wash, refill options to maintain cleanliness inside the dust collector.  Various options of this sequence can be set up by the user.  Note: Available on wet dust collectors 3,000 CFM and under with the hopper / power drain options.
  • PRO – NFPA PACKAGE – Continuously monitors airflow, motor temperature and after-filter temperature (if provided).  Shuts the equipment down, sounds alarm and flashes a warning light when any of these components recognizes failure.  Additionally, provides a connection to send a signal from the dust collector to the dust producing equipment of a shut down.